STAR LIFTKET 125 kg – 6,300 kg

STAR LIFTKET – Electric chain hoists are currently available for three-phase operation with a capacity of 125kg to 6,300kg, and for single-phase operation from 125kg to 2,000kg

STAR LIFTKET 125 kg – 6,300 kg

High Duty Rate - even in tropical climate conditions.  This has been achieved by using a fan cooled motor, the cooling fins on the motor follow the LIFTKET design line. The special STAR LIFTKET clutch-brake design exchanges the heat safely to the ambient, keeps the heat away from the motor and allows so to cool the hoist body efficiently.

Patented Clutch System - A high level of safety due to the arrangement of the sliding clutch between the motor and brake – because of our new patented clutch system, we have again achieved positive locking connections between brake and load. Already implemented on the LIFTKET, this safety principle means that “no load drop is possible if the clutch fails”.

First class material and technologies - First class material and technologies have been implemented, ensuring excellent parts quality – this was proved and confirmed by our test lab after performing complicated, time-consuming tests. The lifetime of the parts exceeds all the requirements of the FEM.


S W LISO / FEMLifting speed [m/min]TypeChain [mm]Power [kW]
50 Hz60 Hz5 - 100 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
125M7 / 4m89.6030/625,2x150.550.65
125M7 / 4m8/29,6/2,4031/535,2x150,32/0,080,38/0,1
125M6 / 3m2-36050/52 V5,2x1533
250M7 / 4m44.8030/655,2x150.370.44
250M6 / 3m89.6030/645,2x150.550.65
250M6 / 3m8/29,6/2,4031/515,2x150,32/0,080,38/0,1
250M5 / 2m1214.4030/505,2x150.550.65
250M6 / 3m12/314,4/3,6051/525,2x150,55/0,120,66/0,14
250M6 / 3m18/4,521,6/5,4051/555,2x150,9/0,21,1/0,24
250M6 / 3m2428.8050/525,2x151.11.3
250M6 / 3m2-36050/52 V5,2x1533
365M4 / 1Am44.8030/545,2x150.370.44
500M6 / 3m4/14,8/1,2031/515,2x150,32/0,080,38/0,1
500M3 / 1Bm89.6030/525,2x150.70.84
500M5 / 2m8/29,6/2,4071/547,2x210,9/0,21,1/0,24
500M5 / 2m1012070/517,2x211.11.3
500M5 / 2m10/2,512/3071/537,2x210,9/0,21,1/0,24
500M3 / 1Bm1821.6050/555,2x151.51.8
500M3 / 1Bm2-36050/55 V5,2x1533
800M5 / 2m89.6070/547,2x211.11.3
1000M5 / 2m4070/617,2x210.750.9
1000M5 / 2m4/14,8/1,2071/547,2x210,9/0,21,1/0,24
1000M5 / 2m5070/517,2x211.11.3
1000M5 / 2m5/1,25071/537,2x210,9/0,21,1/0,24
1000M5 / 2m67.2070/557,2x211.11.3
1000M5 / 2m6/1,57,2/1,8071/557,2x211,1/0,21,3/027
1000M6 / 3m8/29,6/2,4091/519x271,8/0,452,16/0,54
1000M4 / 1Am1012070/537,2x211.72.1
1000M6 / 3m10/2,512/3091/529x271,8/0,452,16/0,54
1000M3 / 1Bm1-18050/55 V5,2x1533
1000M5 / 2m1-12070/55 V7,2x2133
1600M5 / 2m44.8070/547,2x211.11.3
1600M5 / 2m89.6090/559x272.22.6
1600M5 / 2m8/29,6/2,4091/559x273,0/0,753,6/0,9
1600M5 / 2m10/2,512/3091/569x273,0/0,753,6/0,9
2000M5 / 2m33.6070/557,2x211.11.3
2000M5 / 2m3/0,753,6/0,9071/557,2x211,1/0,21,3/0,27
2000M6 / 3m4/14,8/1,2091/519x271,8/0,452,16/0,54
2000M4 / 1Am56070/537,2x211.72.1
2000M6 / 3m5/1,256/1,5091/529x271,8/0,452,16/0,54
2000M5 / 2m89.6110/5411,3x3144.8
2000M5 / 2m8/29,6/2,4111/5611,3x313,0/0,753,6/0,9
2000M5 / 2m0,3-6070/55 V7,2x2133
2500M6 / 3m44.8090/559x272.22.6
2500M6 / 3m4/14,8/1,2091/559x273,0/0,753,6/0,9
2500M6 / 3m5/1,256/1,5091/569x273,0/0,753,6/0,9
2500M4 / 1Am89.6110/5411,3x3144.8
2500M4 / 1Am8/29,6/2,4111/5411,3x314,4/1,15,2/1,3
2500M5 / 2m1012110/5211,3x3144.8
2500M5 / 2m10/2,512/3111/5211,3x314,4/1,15,2/1,3
3200M5 / 2m44.8090/559x272.22.6
3200M5 / 2m4/14,8/1,2091/559x273,0/0,753,6/0,9
3200M5 / 2m5/1,256/1,5091/569x273,0/0,753,6/0,9
3200M3 / 1Bm89.6110/5411,3x3144.8
3200M3 / 1Bm8/29,6/2,4111/5411,3x314,4/1,15,2/1,3
4000M5 / 2m44.8110/5411,3x3144.8
4000M5 / 2m4/14,8/1,2111/5611,3x314,4/1,15,2/1,3
5000M5 / 2m56110/5211,3x3144.8
5000M5 / 2m5/1,256/1,5111/5211,3x314,4/1,15,2/1,3
6300M3 / 1Bm44.8110/5411,3x3144.8
6300M3 / 1Bm4/14,8/1,2111/5411,3x314,4/1,15,2/1,3

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STAR LIFTKET 125 kg – 6,300 kg

STAR LIFTKET – Electric chain hoists are currently available for three-phase operation with a capacity of 125kg to 6,300kg, and for single...


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