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Overhead Cranes

It consists of the formation of Overhead Cranes. Our standard product range includes overhead cranes with a capacity of up to 80 tons. We provide solutions with special productions for those with a capacity of up to 200 tons over 80 tons. Designing our ma.

Portal Cranes

Portal cranes are pedestal cranes that move along rails laid on the ground. They are highly effective in moving heavy loads at high speeds and are used largely in open field..

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are cost-effective individual workstation cranes and generally operate under an overhead crane. We have a range of products with a capacity of 0.25 - 20 tons and an arm span of up to 2-10 meters..

Chain Cranes

Double hook versions are available from 2 × 80 Kg to 2 × 500 Kg. In this way, two hooks simultaneously perform lowering and lifting with a single motor drive..

Transport Trolleys

Transfer trolleys allow healthy transportation of loads at ground level in all kinds of industries and applications..

Process Cranes

Crane systems require special solutions in Special Process industrial facilities, high-tech facilities or facilities where potentially dangerous or complex loads are transported..


MAGNETIC BEAM Lifting single steel sheets, which vary in size, dimensions and weight, is a dangerous and time-consuming activity..

Load Holders

Load Holders .


Formumuzu doldurarak sizinle en kısa süre içerisinde iletişime geçeceğiz, size özel kampanyalarımızdan haberdar olun...